Can Rice Make You Gain Weight


The fact that Rice is one of the most widely consumed grains in the world obviously has valid reasons. This staple food provides us with many essential nutrients. But many people still are confused regarding its properties related to our weight. Does it help us in gaining or losing weight?

If you must have noticed one thing, rice is mostly the staple food in those countries in the world, especially Asian countries, where obesity is not a problem, but malnutrition is. Gaining weight depends on many factors, for eg. The quantity of rice we eat in one sitting, the regularity at which we eat rice, the type of rice we eat and the nutrients that we get from them. Although rice is primarily known to be low in fat, it has an abundance of carbohydrates in it.

From the many varieties of rice cultivated in the world, two most consumed are white rice and brown rice. By one of the many modern rice milling process in a rice factory, it is converted into many components like rice flour, rice grits, rice rava, milling rice, rice atta, rice meals etc. A regular cup of white rice has about 200 calories, 45 grams of carbs and 4 grams of proteins.

As you eat rice, instantly glucose increases in our blood, activating insulin. It promotes fat storage, thus the more you eat white rice, more the chances of gaining weight. On the contrary, brown rice is a bit opposite in that regard.

Besides the endosperm, it also has the bran and germ portion intact, thus the nutrient content in it differs from the white rice. This is why brown rice does not help that much as the white type for gaining weight. So for those who are keen to put on some pounds, white rice is duly recommended over any other variety of rice.

You can have it boiled, cooked or in the form of any rice product, esp. Made from the rice flour. The more quantity you consume, the more the weight gaining benefits you will get, although, it should not exceed any recommended limits for humans. Remember, weight gaining will also depend on whether are you ectomorph or endomorph body type. But having rice regularly is truly a healthy activity to do, irrespective of any weight changing.

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 18/12/2017  Pratiksha