What Is The Difference Between Rice Flour And All-purpose Flour?



A flour is a very useful part of many foods as it is a basic ingredient of them. This powder, made by grinding of raw grains, has many types, but the two most used and famous varieties are of Rice flour and all-purpose flour. A majority of people use them to make the innumerable recipes that are possible.

                Some people tend to get mixed up between these two. Rice flour is made from finely milled rice whereas the all-purpose flour is something which is made from different types of wheat grains. Rice flour can be made from white rice or even brown rice, in the latter case, it will be called as brown rice flour.

                One big difference between these two types of flours becomes prominent when baking with them. For a majority of cooking purposes, these two flours can be interchanged and there won’t be any difference in the end product. Gluten, a type of protein, is another factor separating these two types of flours. You cannot get the all-purpose flour in a gluten-free variety but the rice flour is available as gluten-free and is a good option for those who can’t tolerate gluten.

                In the baking process, as the all-purpose flour has gluten in it, the bread is baked in a typical style; and as the rice flour does not have the gluten, the results are different. But you can mix up the rice flour with similar other such flours to get the results like the all-purpose flour bread. Thus, the all-purpose flour is good for those food items that don’t need to be deflated and require a firm structure. Rice flour has a high starch content and has a neutral flavour itself; thus, it allows other ingredients to shine. Rice flour is good to make dumplings, muffins, sweet bread etc. while the yeast bread and sourdough bread are widely made in the all-purpose flour.

                Thus, there are many differences between these two types of flours, which also include different nutrients and texture. These differences do not state which type of flour is better than the other. Both these types are very useful to make the various kinds of foods possible to make.


 27/11/2017  Pratiksha