What are the changes Rice Flour manufacturing has gone through?

Rice Flour Manufacturing

The flour manufacturing industry in India is very huge with rice and wheat flour leading the way. All thanks to rice being the staple food of almost all the Indians, it is continuously in demand and hence, the rice flour Industry is booming. Rice has been cultivated since many centuries now. Naturally, the process of making rice flour has also gone through many changes till now.

                The rice flour making process is not so complicated. Until many decades ago, rice flour was made mostly at home by women on the stone-age looking hand operated millstone. Today, it has almost been eliminated and replaced by modern machines. With the explosion in population, the demand for rice also grew exponentially.

                This prompted many changes in the production of the rice flour. The increased population demanded speedier making of flour. Slowly, from few decades ago, rice flour making shops opened across streets. In those shops there was only one machine which had a motor on it connected with a belt. People used to bring their raw rice and wheat seeds, give to the worker and after processing, used to take back the freshly made flour with them.

                With time, flour manufacturing companies became bigger and the technology to make flour became more modern. This resulted in more flour being produced to meet the demand. There are more rice atta suppliers than before, who, besides supplying white rice flour also supply brown rice flour. Some of the modern rice processing machines used are separator, destoner, roller mill, plan shifter etc. this modern rice milling process of more than 7 steps ensure zero impurities and high quality to the flour.

Thus, you see how rice flour was before and is today. PP Foods are one of the leading rice flour manufacturers. Our rice factory at Ranjangaon produces high quality rice flour, rice meals, rice rava and rice atta. We look forward to interact with you on our following social media pages, Facebook- https://goo.gl/1dmhKJ, Google+- https://goo.gl/SnhXkj.

 23/10/2017  Bhavana