How Rice flour is essential to many leading Companies

importance of rice flour

What is Rice flour? Simply put, it is the powdered form of finely milled rice after grinding. The two varieties, Brown rice and White rice, both are used to make the flour. A good alternative to wheat flour, as it has negligible gluten content, rice flour is produced in huge quantities in the country. One reason being that it is a key ingredient of diverse products which are not restricted to just consumable goods, but also other cosmetic products.

Besides being used by the common people directly, the rice atta is also needed in companies of different industries. Some of them being biscuit manufacturing companies, chips and wafers making companies, the various bakery products etc. you would be surprised to know that this gluten free rice flour is used in making the cosmetic beauty products too.

Majority of the companies are in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry. The particular brown rice flour variety is used in making cakes and cookies. The importance of rice flour to these companies can gauged from the fact that, there are so many different rice flour products been made by them, whose production volumes run in millions.

Different types of rice flours, like rice grits and rice rava are required for different products. In the beauty make up products industry, the rice flour powder is used in the bronzer, foundation, blush etc. people basically use the rice powder as a primer or setting powder before application of other beauty products on them. Without rice flour, these beauty and food products won’t get that required taste, nutrition and volume in their packaging.

Thus, you can see that, rice flour keeps going millions of revenue of many companies. PP Foods are one of the leading rice flour manufacturers. Our rice factory at Ranjangaon produces high quality rice flour, meal, rava and atta. Some of the clients to whom we provide rice flour are ITC, Jaylaxmi, PepsiCo, Balaji wafers etc. We look forward to interact with you on our following social media pages, Facebook- https://goo.gl/1dmhKJ, Google+- https://goo.gl/SnhXkj. Do write to us your feedback.



 16/11/2017  Omkar Dalvi