What Are The Nutrients Present In Rice

What Are The Nutrients Present In Rice


 We human beings have our meals primarily to get nutrients and energy essential for us to stay active. You will find that a majority of people in the world have rice in their meals every day. One major reason for rice being a staple food is that the Nutrition it provides to us. It has all the essential nutrients that we require in our everyday life.


                 Whether it is brown rice, white rice or wild rice, there is not any big difference in the nutrient content of rice. For 100 grams of cooked rice, you get about 130 calories of energy, 29 grams of carbohydrates, 2.5 grams of proteins, fiber, and other minerals, vitamins etc. in small quantities.


                Rice is primarily composed of starch, a form of carbs. It accounts for up to 90% of the total dry weight of rice. The starch present in rice is made from long chains of glucose called as amylopectin and amylose. These two have different properties when the digestibility of the rice is concerned.


Fiber is another major part of rice, especially the brown rice which has 1.8% of the fiber in it. Whereas the white rice has 0.3% of fiber. It is also called as resistant starch, and it feeds the beneficial bacteria of the gut, thus promoting their growth. They also reduce the risk of colon cancer and improves the colon health.


Among the vitamins, the B1 and B3 are found in rice which is useful for heart, metabolism, muscles, nervous system etc. the Vitamin B3 is found in the form of Nicotinic acid. Rice also has minerals like magnesium, copper, and selenium in small quantities. While magnesium is mostly found in the brown rice and helps check a number of chronic diseases, selenium is a part of the selenoproteins.


Even other forms of rice like the rice atta, rice grits, rice rava, rice flour have this much nutrition. You will get these nutrients in all the rice products that are made. Regular consumption of cooked rice will surely make you healthy.

 11/12/2017  Pratiksha