8 Steps to make Rice flour.


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Rice Flour is a form of flour which is manufactured from finely milled rice. It is considered beneficial for our health because it contains many fibres which aides in the digestion and helps in keeping us fit. Rice flour is also used as thickening agent in making fried dishes and coating. But in this article we are not going to talk much about the its health benefits and its commercial uses ,but we are going to explore  the process of making the rice flour in detail in this article.

The process of manufacturing of rice flour is divided into eight parts as follows:


  1. The Input of Raw Material



The fresh raw rice grains are picked after harvesting them in the fields and stored and transported in a truck to the SILO Storage System.


  1. The Separator Machine.


The stored rice grains are further passed through the Separator Machine where the segregation of the raw rice grains take place and all the foreign material which includes any dust ,granular particles are filtered and passed to the next section.


  1. The Destoner


Here the larger granular objects like stones, small pebbles are eliminated and only the cleaned rice grains  goes ahead the process.


  1. The Sortex


Sortex is a colour sorter where the stock is segregated according to one particular uniform colour and also the colour variation if any is checked and sorted.


  1. The Storage Bins


The Storage Bins are huge steel containers where the cleaned stock is stored to protect it from humidity and climate and in proper dried condition so that it remains fit  for further packaging and  transportation.


  1. The Roller Mill Section.


Here the stock is grinded according to the predefined and specific parameters.


  1. The Plain Shifter


Here the stock will be sized and if any variation occurs then the stock is again passed to the previous roller mill section.


  1. Packaging and Dispatch.


This is the final and the last step of process in the making of rice flour where the all the processed rice stock in the form of cleaned rice grains is packed in proper packaging bags and stored in the godowns or warehouses. And it remains there, till the next transportation process as per the next customer’s required order.


We hope that you find this article informative and by now got a good idea about the entire procedure of making the rice flour. Also, we at PP Foods also offer wide range of rice products which includes Rice Meal, Rice Rava, Rice Atta. Our rice factory which is located at Ranjangaon produces above mentioned high quality products. Some of our clients to whom we provide rice flour are ITC, Jaylaxmi, PepsiCo, Balaji wafers etc.

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 29/09/2017  Omkar Dalvi


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