Different Recipes Made From Rice Flour

Different recipes made from rice flour

A form of flour made from finely milled rice, rice flour or rice powder, uses both white rice and brown rice in the milling process for the production of the respective rice flours. There are so many different amazing recipes that can be made using rice-flour that not only makes you feel full but also is a treat to your taste buds! Here are a few delicious recipes that you can try out using rice-flour:

  • Gluten-free fresh pasta:

This easy-to-make pasta is a treat for pasta-lovers and perfect for gluten-free indulgence and requires few ingredients: brown rice flour, potato starch, Xanthum Gum, salt and eggs

  • Ukdiche modak (Steamed modak):

This is one of the favorite items relished by most of the people especially during Ganesh Chaturthi. These kind of sweet dumplings include rice flour as the main ingredient, and also include coconut, jaggery, nutmeg and saffron, steamed to perfection.

  • Gluten-free cheesy hearts

A treat for cheese-lovers, this cheesy, gluten-free item is also easy-to-make with minimal ingredients—rice flour, cheddar cheese, baking powder and chia seeds

  • Maharashtrian Amboli

The Maharashtrian Amboli is a unique pancake having the quick-and-easy-to-make rice flour batter as the main ingredient. It is the easiest to make since the ingredients are mixed into a batter within minutes, without the need to ferment.

  • Mysore Bonda

A speciality of Karnataka in South India, the traditional Mysore Bonda is a deep-fried food item made of plain flour, rice flour and curds, complemented with a range of taste-enhancers like ginger and green chillies. The traditional item has a beautifully reddish-golden hue, a crisp outer surface and a super-soft inner core, somewhat like bread. Don’t forget to have it with chutney and filter coffee!

  • Sweet potato tikki

What makes this tikka unique (besides having rice-flour) is the use of sweet potatoes complemented with the chaat masala, lemon juice and other ingredients to make it deliciously mouth-watering. The fibrous yet soft texture of sweet potato gets an added crispy texture after it’s deep-fried, making it a wonderful and a favourite tea-time accompaniment.

  • Crispy papers dosa

This humble-yet-delicious traditional item of South India is not only a healthy item for breakfast but it can drive away your hunger instantly. Over the years its popularity has soared and enjoyed not only in India but also internationally!

 28/01/2018  Pratiksha